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Dashie had herself a little botch and injured her wing recently, forcing her into some recovery time at home. Luckily good ‘ole Clipper is around to keep company and take care of her until she’s off the ground again.
Haven’t done anything fat-related in a while and wanted to try it again; anthro fat is especially unfamiliar territory for me. Sitting poses are also unfamiliar, used a few references to get the posing down as best I can with each character. As always, not fully content with Soarin’s body shape, but my skill at male bodies is slowly improving, I’d say.
Hope ya like and feedback is always welcomed!
Finished version: >>2513546
suggestive167166 artist:astrum151 rainbow dash254739 soarin'14893 pegasus381763 anthro304089 bandage6572 bandaged wing195 bbw4887 belly34007 belly button92359 big belly15110 big breasts101556 bowl1986 breasts328639 busty rainbow dash9563 cake11125 chubby14902 cleavage39602 clothes539581 dessert442 digital art24530 fat25188 feedee737 feeder568 feeding1464 female1552559 fetish47215 food83679 holding4118 huge belly5888 injured3738 injured wing129 jeans5138 large belly1282 large butt23567 lidded eyes37019 long sleeved shirt181 long sleeves634 male440989 mug5196 onomatopoeia6018 pampering35 pants18007 pizza box393 plate2203 rainblob dash978 shipping224542 shirt30924 shorts16574 sitting75303 sketch70890 smiling314796 soarindash5171 sports shorts1389 stomach noise3985 stool1965 straight154988 stuffed1893 stuffed belly331 tanktop9275 thighs20333 thunder thighs11433 tubby wubby pony waifu213 wardrobe malfunction5746 wings162663 worried4664


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@Background Pony #F418  
Ah, well that’s good, thanks. Assuming I’m interpreting you the right way, I like keeping my guys thin or fit for the most part; only plump up the girls, sorry. XD Unless you mean he should look a little more built, in which case I might agree with you.