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Cheerleader Stardust because Stardust wearing dresses is infinitely more popular than regular Stardust. So what’s he trying to get you hyped for? Why my story of course! Go ahead and give it a read, (and maybe even leave a comment on it if you’d be so kind). You don’t want to let him down, right? Right?! (Pls go give it a read… it’d mean a lot to me c: )
safe1752517 artist:tikibat187 derpibooru exclusive29341 oc712860 oc only465904 oc:stardust341 oc:stardust(cosmiceclipse)92 bat pony52280 pony1012332 bat pony oc18925 bat wings10076 cheerleader2845 cheerleader outfit1056 clothes476634 crossdressing9698 ear fluff31287 eyeshadow16616 fangs26739 femboy9642 makeup22871 male388661 membranous wings191 simple background409826 slit pupils5100 socks68637 solo1095678 stallion115978 striped socks21968 transparent background209170 wings123505


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