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safe1899623 edit150155 screencap247613 twilight sparkle324599 zecora10148 alicorn260736 pony1247151 unicorn411354 ail-icorn263 friendship university757 growing up is hard to do1498 owl's well that ends well469 school raze2444 season 14063 season 31797 season 43856 season 81882 season 92236 the crystal empire3009 the last problem6873 the ticket master1129 twilight time942 spoiler:interseason shorts931 spoiler:s081505 spoiler:s091493 bag6669 bits1192 book37669 broom2067 candle5576 clock2196 clothes533262 cork245 coronation dress827 crown22819 cute225529 dashface439 dilated pupils706 disguise5893 door4554 dress51277 drinking4141 eyepatch3433 eyepatch (disguise)105 eyes closed113171 eyes on the prize6042 fake cutie mark601 feather7082 female1536547 floppy ears61197 flower30755 fortune10 gem7441 giggling983 glowing horn23686 gold1354 golden oaks library5724 happy36243 horn105159 hub logo10061 jewelry84043 library3561 lyrics1169 magic82618 magic aura5927 mare578117 messy mane8739 night30822 open mouth183619 paper-thin disguise145 potion2478 quill2950 regalia27040 saddle bag6782 scroll3705 second coronation dress252 sicklight sparkle63 smiling309274 solo1210833 sparkles5907 squishy3029 squishy cheeks2771 swollen horn46 telekinesis32239 text71339 treasure335 twiabetes13332 twilight sparkle (alicorn)134687 unicorn twilight23581 wishing flower89 writing1325 written equestrian341


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