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suggestive139467 artist:badumsquish1904 derpibooru exclusive27645 maud pie12303 earth pony237579 pony938522 aroused984 blushing192515 clothes448627 embarrassed11103 erection13460 erection under clothes126 frown22442 futa44733 futa maud pie327 intersex42643 mare466121 penis149734 show accurate14066 sitting61370 solo1043431 solo futa16261 surprised9029 wide eyes16806


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Background Pony #80B0
@Background Pony #DEB0
I may be wrong, but I think Badum has said that he hasn't read the comics, so probably not. Though a weretimberwolf is an interesting idea, and it sounds like a thing Badum would probably do a pic of at some point.
Background Pony #DEB0
Is mudbriar a weretimber wolf? In the cmc detective idw comics twist said she was a were timberwolf until the cmc saved her
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@Dex Stewart
It could also be both :P

@Blue Vector
@Background Pony #80B0
She just naturally has a dick. It's why she wears clothes XD

He likes sticks, after all XD

Characters acting out-of-character can be super adorable :D

@Dirty Bit
@Background Pony #80B0
It would have, but that would have taken planning ahead on my part XD

@Background Pony #0FC3
Her passions were inflamed by Mud Briar's reckless use of the word "damn." :P