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"Remember Core, you'll be our foot pet forever~"

Commission for Core.

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suggestive135460 artist:fetishsketches716 apple bloom48038 applejack164682 big macintosh27437 oc644104 oc:core28 earth pony224636 pegasus266620 anthro246125 plantigrade anthro30038 big feet211 blushing186740 body writing1990 bondage32048 brush1781 commission61561 crying41604 feet37595 fetish37617 floppy ears48976 foot fetish7307 foot focus2490 foot tickling46 foot torture16 gag13756 grin35645 hairbrush364 laughing7536 male351641 male feet833 pegasus oc8077 rope10900 rope bondage3651 smiling230660 soles3997 stocks1104 sweaty feet111 tears of laughter769 tickle torture2285 tickling4456 toe rings76 toothbrush744 wings93420


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Oof, Core really is destined to be serving Apple Family feet forever, as well as his (if the apple's let him have any) descendants.

Great work @fetishsketches as always.
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Background Pony #080A
Those poor giant feet. He looked so smol in comparison to everyone on the farm, but the twist is he's smol with huge footsies.

But I guess any foot looks small against AJ and Mac's mammoth soles.
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Conqueror of cuddles
Uff, I'm such a sucker for evil smiles… And AJ definitely delivers, while ravaging that huge sole.

10/10 A+
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