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safe1752013 artist:aleximusprime1532 princess flurry heart7508 scootaloo51953 oc712579 oc:storm streak40 alicorn233108 pegasus309684 flurry heart's story174 butt66108 calming of the storm5 clothes476476 colt15485 family photo354 female1403186 filly69741 filly flurry heart74 male388489 mare502857 medals49 offspring40924 older27848 older flurry heart1591 older scootaloo2145 open mouth154717 parent:oc:thunderhead33 parent:rainbow dash6008 parents:canon x oc1811 photo81576 plot82136 uniform11172 wonderbolts3699 wonderbolts uniform5991


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@Background Pony #C506
With scootaloo showing flurry heart wearing apple bloom’s bow rainbow dash’s wonder-bolt uniform when those wonder of the holes in the sides for wings to fit through and the hole in the butt to fit the tail through when others think the hole in the butt was to be enlarged to have rainbow dash show her lady bits.
Background Pony #C506
And of course he shows the hole in the Wonderbolt suit that the tail fits through so he can put an emphasis on the butt area.