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safe1725555 artist:aleximusprime1511 princess flurry heart7365 scootaloo51561 oc696709 oc:storm streak36 alicorn228198 pegasus299362 flurry heart's story155 butt62007 calming of the storm5 clothes466661 colt15188 family photo348 female1380038 filly68052 filly flurry heart72 male379575 mare490222 medals48 offspring39945 older27243 older flurry heart1525 older scootaloo2093 open mouth149656 parent:oc:thunderhead30 parent:rainbow dash5869 parents:canon x oc1779 photo80516 plot80428 uniform10854 wonderbolts3664 wonderbolts uniform5913


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@Background Pony #C506
With scootaloo showing flurry heart wearing apple bloom's bow rainbow dash's wonder-bolt uniform when those wonder of the holes in the sides for wings to fit through and the hole in the butt to fit the tail through when others think the hole in the butt was to be enlarged to have rainbow dash show her lady bits.
Background Pony #C506
And of course he shows the hole in the Wonderbolt suit that the tail fits through so he can put an emphasis on the butt area.