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suggestive137152 artist:maxisb838 oc655267 oc:kayla82 oc:mary jane47 earth pony231532 pegasus273372 pony922940 age difference2433 bow27239 dialogue63017 drool23897 drool string5429 duo56826 female1321734 filly63982 foalcon17711 hair bun3184 kayry30 kissing23824 lesbian94064 mare458390 oc x oc14711 shipping194040 tail bow5342 text56147 tongue out99202


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Background Pony #E2FA
People who claim this is not inherently sexual have trouble reading social cues.

I think if it can be considered a 'sexual situation', which.. kissing probably is, unless it's very platonic/chaste looking.

It's cute though.