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Call me a purist or whatever, but this is how I can sum it up. G4 is unlike any other generation. It defined MLP entirely. I don't believe the next one can top it off. I doubt lightning will strike twice. Yes, G4 did have it's flaws but that doesn't mean it's trash as a whole, right?


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@Algebroot Neogears
I phrased it awkwardly. My point was that if a franchise has reached its peak and can't go any further, then just like if only the first game in a franchise was good, we can compliment how this first game holds up even today, but the thing is every game should hold up. I hope I made myself clearer.
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thats why G4 still better than G4.5 example i like the color outline than black outline.
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Bronies might just be the most self-entitled purists of any fandom if they think this way. Imagine being a fan of the original series or any of the other iterations and seeing this.