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Twilight and her friends are visiting Manhattan, New York. Her friends are excited that they are visiting a place that reminds one from one of their own.
safe1709763 artist:dashiesparkle edit458 artist:itv-canterlot62 artist:luckreza8867 edit132832 editor:jaredking203309 vector edit3118 applejack170185 fluttershy213019 pinkie pie216496 rainbow dash234296 rarity182154 twilight sparkle300754 alicorn225101 earth pony249959 pegasus293037 pony970800 unicorn324805 female1366099 irl70158 mane six31959 manhattan27 mare482215 new york100 new york city210 photo79660 ponies in real life5284 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123861 vector76992


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