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safe1975257 artist:sunibee523 princess celestia105225 princess luna109383 twilight sparkle333390 alicorn275157 pony1327602 bad girl64 blush sticker3298 blushing239358 comic124101 crying50541 cute236910 dialogue80571 dream3018 evil twilight458 excited3600 eye contact7344 eyeshadow22734 faic13832 female1606775 femsub12905 frown28884 glare8703 happy38477 lidded eyes39193 lineart23419 looking at each other27689 makeup31137 mare620124 masochist73 monochrome163868 nervous7281 nightmare1552 open mouth198449 simple background503577 smiling332351 spread wings75736 squee2063 starry eyes4373 sublestia1081 submissive21207 sweat33768 sweatdrops1565 twiabetes13882 twidom1192 twilight sparkle (alicorn)138774 white background130931 wingding eyes30426 wings175936


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