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Chrysalis is tired of putting up with this crap.
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Iron Storm

Raggedy Man
@Sanagi 蛹
Lol, like I said. I'm old enough and gave seen all this before. Including in other countries where shit like this were enough to cause upheaval on a scale I really dont want to see here.
Sanagi 蛹
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@Iron Storm

Most likely. Else I probably off myself. Lost my first job before even reached a year and cant return since. Nothing worse than corona crisis and other stuff.

But I think it'll he better for alot of reasons I can't explicitly tell. I just can feel it, let's just say.

So be positive.
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Early Twilight was OCD and nuttier than fruit cake. Celestia told her to write back about what she learned, but I don't recall any schedules or deadlines. Twilight assumed all that.
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"I want to help you! I want top solve the world's problems! I desperately want to please my teacher and validate my own existence! Oh, did you want anything Spike?"
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I'm getting more tired of this crap than her. No one cares what chrysalis thinks!