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safe1680975 edit129715 edited screencap63479 editor:quoterific1321 screencap219095 bifröst143 gabby2368 gallus6602 gilda9491 grampa gruff303 grizzle20 sandbar5369 yona5012 bird7997 eagle306 earth pony239294 griffon26517 hippogriff9408 owl1101 pegasus282062 pony943029 yak4512 a matter of principals1079 marks for effort1139 school daze2739 school raze2316 the ending of the end3121 the hearth's warming club887 the last problem5577 uprooted980 what lies beneath1591 armor23367 crying42731 cupcake5310 food68490 friendship student1649 male364159 puppy dog eyes714 royal guard7594 royal guard gallus90 single tear43 stallion105383 tears of pain1041


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