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He's an excited boi! What's he excited for though? 🤔
safe1726982 artist:bitassembly244 part of a set12724 oc697627 oc only456052 oc:swift dawn132 changeling48682 ^^379 animated99645 blue changeling1954 changeling oc7727 commission70594 cute202893 cuteling800 excited3016 eyes closed95589 fangs26055 gif31587 happy31709 horn70697 male380096 pixel art10709 simple background401044 smiling254279 solo1078059 stallion112020 tippy taps10 transparent background205454 trotting1424 trotting in place471 wing flap64 wings111360 ych result22091


not provided yet


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Watch this, while listening to this.

Now just try and separate the two.