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safe1753834 artist:animesoul55 part of a set13557 applejack173552 big macintosh28864 diamond tiara10409 flash sentry13179 fluttershy217561 pinkie pie220490 rainbow dash238912 rarity185894 sci-twi25390 silver spoon6651 spike80589 sunset shimmer64946 twilight sparkle306545 dog9897 pony1013486 unicorn343634 equestria girls207683 beautiful5798 bubblegum1289 color porn1078 converse5856 cute206084 duality4382 female1404695 food73160 geode of empathy3288 gum1129 human ponidox3599 humane five3622 humane seven2689 humane six3434 magical geodes9898 male389004 mare503571 part of a series2756 pixiv14303 puddle983 rain6266 reflection3314 road892 self ponidox8357 shimmerbetes4491 shoes38845 solo focus17532 spike the dog2685 street766 tarot card680 technically advanced105 umbrella2802 wings123695


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I believe this picture is deserving of the “technically advanced” tag. I may not be an artist, but I hope I can tell when someone’s good at drawing!