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safe1727409 artist:animesoul55 part of a set12754 applejack171534 big macintosh28560 diamond tiara10311 flash sentry13005 fluttershy214915 pinkie pie218200 rainbow dash236219 rarity183639 sci-twi24655 silver spoon6585 spike79511 sunset shimmer63863 twilight sparkle303150 dog9669 pony987681 unicorn332497 equestria girls203219 beautiful5678 bubblegum1266 color porn1073 converse5743 cute202941 duality4320 female1381738 food71523 geode of empathy3133 gum1104 human ponidox3565 humane five3497 humane seven2608 humane six3321 magical geodes9013 male380313 mare491190 part of a series2640 pixiv14300 puddle968 rain6168 reflection3230 road869 self ponidox8234 shimmerbetes4438 shoes37622 solo focus17181 spike the dog2644 street758 tarot card674 technically advanced105 umbrella2743 wings111458


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I believe this picture is deserving of the "technically advanced" tag. I may not be an artist, but I hope I can tell when someone's good at drawing!