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Angel Bunny: sobs
Fluttershy: OH! ANGEL! what happened!?!?
Angel: incoherent rabbit noises
Smug Discord: Look Shutterfly, our guest here, apparently placed a mouse trap inside the picnic basket. She clearly wanted to prank you. Instead, little Angel took the blow ☹
angry Pinkie Pie: I DID WHAT?!?
angry Pinkie Pie: that’s it I’m going to get my element of HARMONEEEEEEEE!!!!
smug Discord: Oh! dear Pinkie Pie, let me remind you that you are one of the biggest prankers in Ponyville, Season 1 episode 5, remember?
Pinkie Pie: …
hipster Fluttershy icon: He does have a good point Pinkie Pie.
angry Pinkie Pie: hops on top of Henry the bear HEY! I’m the one supposed to say things that don’t make sense! and you placed that trap there to blame ME using your magic of chaos!
smug Discord: but I’m reformed, remember? appears halo over his head
Pinkie Pie: but chaos isn’t!
Discord: do you have a problem with my magic Pinkie Pie?
Pinkie Pie: What if I do? I have better magic anyway!
worried Fluttershy: guys…
smug Discord: what? what can be more joyful than the magic of caos. And that coming from a hornless pony!
angry unamused Fluttershy: DISCORD! D8
hostile angry Pinkie Pie: well… I can’t tell you what it is, but I can break it! stretches neck
hostile angry Discord: bring it!

wow doing these little comics is so tiring! But I’m liking this idea of doing pairs! Anyway, I had this artwork sitting for months without completion, it wasn’t even that hard to do, it was more like, I got busy with other stuff and I always had this for last, when I didn’t have anything good to do, I would just open the file for couple of minutes and get bored and close it cuz I got stuck with Henry because I was so lazy to actually shade him, it’s funny cuz to me, he looks the best in the picture!
Fluttershy’s Mad for some reason!
Remember this? I uploaded this on august last year! wow. well, this is the Fluttershy that you’re seeing here, I just made few changes on her.
I like this concept of pairing the characters (NOT SHIPPING!!), and I have made all the mane 6 with this one [the others include]:
Kung Fu Bucking
And it all started with the practice of a new style that I then used for upcoming artworks after these. Well I have made the main characters, perhaps characters then don’t interact with each other alone (even tho, I think as of now, Rarity and Applejack are the closest) I don’t want to stop this ‘series’ so if you are interested, let me know which other characters you would like to be paired in a possible situation that can be actually in the show, yeah that includes bg and secondary ponies!
And the title of the artwork is totally unoriginal, I kinda stole that line from Pinkie in Pinkie Pride xD so there isn’t any birthday but there is a picnic.
Published: Mar 26, 2014
uploader notes: The dialogue was tough for me to paste because originally the dialogue used Deviantart icons. So I had to replace the icon info with normal text to best capture the mood of the icons. I hope I did the best I could. If you want the truest original intent of the story with all the crazy expressions from said icons check the original source.
I will say this Kyle guy really loves his long descriptions, it makes it hard for me to upload but honestly I admire how much thought he puts into his art or his insights on episodes and character interactions. It’s tough but his art is worth putting on Derpibooru. We need more artists like him!
safe1878360 artist:kyle23emma65 angel bunny10417 discord33593 fluttershy229366 harry562 pinkie pie231144 bear1813 draconequus15346 earth pony320986 pegasus364113 pony1224171 rabbit6469 angry30635 animal5634 argument930 bush3163 challenge accepted73 chaos1324 cloud35237 discord is not amused74 grass11558 imminent chaos1 imminent fight65 long description90 male427813 mountain6023 mountain range699 oh no349 outdoors14313 picnic1488 picnic blanket1123 pinkie pie is not amused242 rivalry247 sky17132 story included10486 this will end in chaos32 tree38052 unamused18812 xk-class end-of-the-world scenario2508


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