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My redraw of last year art →

Thank you for adding tags! I really appreciate it <3

Where you can find me? Here and… :3
VK —
YCH.Comm —
Twitter — @falafel_jake

To contact me-FalafelJake#0825 (Discord)
safe1659320 artist:falafeljake193 oc655572 oc only433015 oc:lazzy butt11 earth pony231682 pony923349 2021 community collab935 derpibooru community collaboration3776 earth pony oc6453 female1322179 looking at you160234 mare458617 one eye closed28776 redraw1764 simple background377797 sitting60358 smiling235970 solo1033663 transparent background195473 wink23683


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PM me your cute OCs
This is a very cute character!

Also, congratulations — this was the 300th character submitted to the collab!
Background Pony #E054
Are you able to re-upload this with a transparent background? Currently its white and would be rejected according to the rules of the collab

@Princess Celestia

These rules have changed a bit from previous years, so please be sure to read through them thoroughly.

2) All digital art submissions must be either a PNG or SVG file that has a transparent background. Traditional art submissions are an exception this this rule, but editing out the background and saving it as a PNG would be greatly appreciated.