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Hawaiian Unicorn

It's mirrored* but I'd say the artist set up in one of the few remaining trees in the area now occupied by the Town Of Ponyville that were around before Luna's Fall.


* If you flip this pic horizontally it lines up with the map with the stream between the mountain and Saddle Lake.
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makes me wish i lived in equestria
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Derpi butchered my name
The moment you think Moe is doing new pony art, and then you realize it's just a repost of >>25
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You know what's funnier then 24?

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Wow this is definitely my favorite old piece oc art
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This is so majestic. I don't even personally like Canterlot that much, but still favorited this.
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Looks like this is the highest scoring non-explicit pic on derpibooru with no downvotes.
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The 25th artwork on here, wow…
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AMAZING! I love Everything about this! The coloring, the shading, the linework!! When I look at it I feel like I'm there! Beautiful! Keep the AMAZING work!

Hello new desktop background.
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my new desktop background
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Just want to say hi
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This ended up as banner on FIMFiction. Congrats! It's a very lovely picture.
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Where are the pony and dragon?
Where is the horn that was glowing?
They have passed.
Like rain on the mountainside.
Like wind in the meadow.
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Gorgeous artwork
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Wow. Canterlot in RL!
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Holy…. This is the best picture i have every seen. it looks almost real.
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I would like to ask you if I may use this image for a project I've got coming up. It's a school project, and I think this image would be a great one for us to use. We will give the credit for the image of course. Please respond with an answer as soon as you can.
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Very nice… very nice indeed…