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safe1678755 artist:moe41 canterlot5572 castle1997 cliff1102 cloud29930 detailed background618 fog873 forest9923 grass9291 mountain4962 mountain range580 nature959 no pony9751 outdoors9905 path348 river1913 scenery7871 scenery porn820 signature23407 sunset5238 technically advanced103 town403 tree31426 water12772 waterfall1657 widescreen119 wood739


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It's mirrored* but I'd say the artist set up in one of the few remaining trees in the area now occupied by the Town Of Ponyville that were around before Luna's Fall.


* If you flip this pic horizontally it lines up with the map with the stream between the mountain and Saddle Lake.
Background Pony #EB9C
AMAZING! I love Everything about this! The coloring, the shading, the linework!! When I look at it I feel like I'm there! Beautiful! Keep the AMAZING work!
Background Pony #5F97
This ended up as banner on FIMFiction. Congrats! It's a very lovely picture.
Background Pony #5054
Where are the pony and dragon?
Where is the horn that was glowing?
They have passed.
Like rain on the mountainside.
Like wind in the meadow.
Background Pony #ADE4
Holy…. This is the best picture i have every seen. it looks almost real.
Background Pony #9568
I would like to ask you if I may use this image for a project I've got coming up. It's a school project, and I think this image would be a great one for us to use. We will give the credit for the image of course. Please respond with an answer as soon as you can.