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safe1690291 artist:fyrecalla22 derpy hooves49893 fluttershy210985 pegasus285524 pony951920 bandaid1821 blushing194867 bruised1584 color porn1070 colored pupils9560 cute197456 derpabetes2628 derpyshy82 dirty1800 duo59699 duo female10263 female1348190 floppy ears51470 frown22602 grass9489 injured3309 kindness185 lesbian95868 mare473071 open mouth142496 patch418 plaster61 rarepair45 shipping198035 shyabetes13554 signature23845 sitting62330 spread wings53798 tree31782 underhoof51309


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Derpy is kinda like that special kind of, well, special. It's takes alot to hurt her, both emotionally and physically. So, she didn't actually feel pain when this happened. She was just confused. :D