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safe1708728 artist:nairdags87 sunset shimmer63132 equestria girls200790 blue background5125 bracelet9445 breasts278190 busty sunset shimmer5444 converse5674 crossed arms5112 cute200158 ear piercing26399 earring21207 female1365238 jewelry63905 necklace18836 no pupils4046 piercing41257 shimmerbetes4395 shoes36833 simple background394218 solo1065752 white background98102 wristband3631


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Yet One More Idiot
Artist -

World's biggest idiot xD
If Shim-shim was truly normally proportioned, she'd have either a much wider head or narrower shoulders. But I get what you mean, Shimmy's body here does seem considerably more normally-proportioned than most, and Sunny-sun's choice of loose comfy clothing makes it more difficult to determine for sure.

Plus she's just cute af like always. <3