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I got a commission from Charlexe!
Smoothie isn’t my self-insert OC or anything, he’s a character I made for the We Will Be Adored comic series. But I’ve grown attached to him anyway, so I wanted to see another artist’s take on him and Sonata.  
I wasn’t originally going to get a lewd, but the temptation was too great.  
I’m pretty pleased. :)

explicit463709 artist:charliexe411 sonata dusk16293 oc934313 oc:smoothie411 equestria girls252911 g42004223 rainbow rocks19866 barefoot34853 bedroom16415 breast grab9868 breasts384281 busty sonata dusk2349 canon x oc34575 clothes623928 commission114497 cute262605 cute porn7471 doggy style10112 faceless male6962 feet53802 female1777315 from behind18195 grope18948 happy sex2872 high res405732 male541695 nipples238236 nudity503764 offscreen character51098 one eye closed44913 open mouth232298 open smile29096 panties62816 panties around leg1150 sex167966 show accurate26381 show accurate porn9451 skirt54483 smiling388527 smoonata55 straight176082 underwear77612


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We Crossdress Harder
Two. Years. You pulled this accessory swap two years ago and it took a blatant closeup shot for me to notice. Not that I ever saw this, because it’s your artist tag I’m watching.