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"For Brandon6451: I'm [surprised] that I couldn't find much of any fat art of Queen Novo, Skystar and Terramar.
So Brandon had the right idea to fatten them up for a royal feast. By the way, Happy Thanksgiving. ~ PrinceBlueMoon3"

I'm just glad I was able to only post this pic of his only one day late…
suggestive139725 artist:princebluemoon3691 princess skystar1956 queen novo1327 silverstream5997 terramar759 hippogriff9383 my little pony: the movie18798 aunt and nephew151 aunt and niece428 belly27628 bhm1466 big belly10740 bingo wings2209 brother and sister4091 chubby cheeks3625 cousins678 cup6136 double chin1746 family4348 fat21687 female1338321 grayscale37373 huge belly3252 jewelry61002 male363404 monochrome147932 morbidly obese7678 mother and child2114 mother and daughter5737 necklace18068 novobese9 obese11307 plates124 princess skypig12 siblings8087 silverblob39 sketch61740 stuffed1667 terralard7 traditional art116067 weight gain4125


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