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I have this one friend who lives on the countryside, and in summer we often go spend some time there. A few years ago we found two old croquet sets laying around and since then it’s become this habit that we usually play a round or two whenever we have enough people there. Usually in early summer we begin with very ordinary courses, but somehow sooner or later it always tends to escalate into all sorts of crazy ramps and obstacles, a bit like those mini-golf courses. But then someone always loses their ball under a porch or something and we go back to the basic stuff - for a while at least!
I missed on the 10th anniversary, so you can consider this a late anniversary picture from me. There are maybe some similarities to Fall Weather Friends, which was the first episode I saw.
safe1785359 artist:xeviousgreenii127 angel bunny10102 applejack175736 fluttershy220413 pinkie pie223016 rainbow dash241690 rarity188349 spike81594 twilight sparkle310297 alicorn239038 dragon60474 earth pony280848 pegasus323023 pony1086009 rabbit5790 unicorn357073 animal4884 balloon10589 book35295 clothes488720 cloud32926 croquet13 floating4227 grass10513 levitation12903 magic77256 mallet197 mane seven6752 mane six32989 mouth hold18622 telekinesis29578 then watch her balloons lift her up to the sky945 traditional art122305 tree34679 twilight sparkle (alicorn)127958 twilight's castle4183 winged spike8695 wings130901


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Background Pony #7083
Applejack’s expression looks strangely stoned. the eyes look a little glazed over.
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