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Snails grows up and crosses paths once again with Trixie the Great and Powerful. The mare couldn’t help but noticed how much Snails had changed. They reconnect and Snails finds out Trixie has learned some new gimmicks, specifically the art of escaping “without magic”. “Displays of magic without a horn is all the rage right now.”
And so the young unicorn stallion insists on helping her master some of the more difficult escape arts. It’s all about maintaining concentration under stress. Or pleasure. Trixie isn’t sure how the practice sessions lead to this… Break free before he cums,simple enough! Trixie takes this challenge,she can handle anything surely! Though she might have overestimated her skills this time around. Or underestimated his.
explicit364807 artist:okeylokey7 snails5378 trixie69082 unicorn348708 anthro272152 unguligrade anthro50723 ankle chain153 ankle cuffs697 blushing206709 bondage35337 breasts291542 cleave gag178 cuffs4730 female1414930 gag15187 horn79995 horn ring5941 horns are touching717 magic suppression4134 male392714 nipples177566 nudity385854 obscured penetration2407 older28114 older snails81 open mouth157302 penis160704 ring3772 rope11976 shipping207240 straight141389 trails54 underhoof54341


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