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Please do not the Sphinx.
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safe1783374 artist:wispy tuft139 sphinx (character)986 sphinx2043 angry28694 bed43335 behaving like a cat2289 cute209879 daaaaaaaaaaaw4853 do not want634 ear fluff33183 egyptian989 fangs27733 female1432224 floppy ears56363 fluffy15067 glare8350 hand9313 headdress595 hissing429 jewelry71787 kitty sphinx52 meme84474 offscreen character36890 open mouth161131 pillow19167 please do not the cat1 ponified animal photo669 pov14873 reaching464 solo focus18078 wikihow60 wing fluff1747 wings130470


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Background Pony #0628
guys help i was trying not to the sphinx and i accidentally a whole bottle

With the few wonder if they would be wearing stitches for trying to give Sphinx some attention when she is like other felines that attack when owners try to experiment on what kind of attention their furry friend hates.
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