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Please do not the Sphinx.
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safe1948291 artist:wispy tuft176 sphinx (character)1094 sphinx2314 angry32231 bed49294 behaving like a cat2606 cute232394 daaaaaaaaaaaw5694 do not want680 ear fluff40614 egyptian1398 fangs32573 female1581462 floppy ears63571 fluffy16617 glare8663 hand10640 headdress730 hissing484 jewelry88915 kitty sphinx55 meme88427 offscreen character43019 open mouth193610 pillow22144 please do not the cat3 ponified animal photo790 pov16852 reaching750 solo focus22012 wikihow63 wing fluff1924 wings169578


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Background Pony #0628
guys help i was trying not to the sphinx and i accidentally a whole bottle

With the few wonder if they would be wearing stitches for trying to give Sphinx some attention when she is like other felines that attack when owners try to experiment on what kind of attention their furry friend hates.