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Gallus: I really want to see through your eyes some day Ocellus.
Ocellus: Really? *Tilts head* Why?
Gallus: I picture everything being labelled with statistics. Like, each puzzle piece there has a percentage chance of causing collapse followed with a whole slew of other information… Windspeed, gravitational pull, structural composition. Maybe sugar content.
Ocellus: *wrinkles nose* I don’t see things like that! That’s just silly.
Yona: Yona read in book that some creatures see in different colours. Does friend Ocellus also see different?
Silverstream: Yeah! Like… even brighter pastel colours!
Smolder: Or maybe colours we don’t even know of?
Silverstream: Wait wait! What if she can’t see colours at all?
Sandbar: Scandalous!
Ocellus: *groans*
safe1865144 artist:sintakhra986 ocellus5788 sandbar5975 changedling9528 changeling54292 pony1209545 tumblr:studentsix620 annoyed5975 cpu33 cpu usage2 cute220828 diaocelles1087 duo90984 hmm52 hoof on chin672 jenga62 nose in the air1587 post-it99 sandbar is not amused52 spread hooves88 text68750 thinking2199 tongue out118676 unamused18534 volumetric mouth990


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Background Pony #8961
With all the love and friendship she gets, she’s got to use those calories some how, and running simulations to cure disease, or crunch numbers to determine how best to rebuild Griffonstone’s economy, or the most efficient way for pegasai to start changing the climate and terreforming the klugetown desert is a good use for it as any.
Really, the only excuse anyone who has a halfway decent rig has for not running boinc is not being able to afford a slightly higher electric bill.

Seeing that Ocellus’ post-it says something about CPU usage, I suspect she needs to close a few programs.
Or does this mean that Ocellus is a robot?
Hm. Robocellus, or Perfect Cellus?
Background Pony #6AB8
pretty sure you tap the blocks to test them and not just stare at them till you see discrepancies