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The Description

Here she is, everypony. Merry Christmas!

Fluttershy was a real passion project for me. I’ve had the idea to make a stocking pony for several years now, and she ended up being even better than I was hoping. I can’t remember the last time I was this happy with a plush I’ve made, and I’m so excited to share her with you all!

And the best part is, she won’t be the only one. She’s just the first. I’ll be making other ponies too, all with different expressions, poses, and Christmas-y accessories for each one. So definitely look for more in this style in the future!

How Can I Get One?

Fluttershy will be for sale at Trotcon Online’s Winter Event starting December 4th, as well as several more stocking ponies that I will make specifically for sale at the event. I’ll also have cutie mark embroidered stockings for sale as well!

Due to time constraints, I will be limited on how many I can make in time for Christmas this year. So for that reason, the finished ponies that I offer for sale at Trotcon will be the only ones that can be delivered in time for Christmas 2020. In other words, if you want to enjoy a stocking pony in your home for Christmas THIS YEAR, they will be first-come first-serve.

HOWEVER, I will gladly accept commissions for these cuties at any time! The stocking ponies are going to become a permanent addition to my core lineup of plush offerings. This plush idea is special to me, and I want anyone who wants one to be able to get one, for whatever pony they wish. I want to make these for people. So if you’d like to order a stocking pony, I will be happy to accommodate you, as long as it’s understood that my current commission queue takes priority. Any stocking pony commissions will be delivered in time for Christmas 2021 (likely much sooner).

Details and Pricing!

Every part of the stocking pony is 100% hand-made from scratch! The stocking itself is made from scarlet minky and white faux rabbit’s fur for the trim (rabbit’s fur is so sooooooft! It’s the best), with a gold-embroidered cutie mark. The pony is made using a highly-modified version of my beanie pattern. It is not a full pony inside the stocking—only the waist up. The pony is permanently attached to the stocking, and as such the stocking itself is not usable, and you won’t be able to put anything inside the stocking. This plush is meant for decorative purposes. The overall dimensions are about 20” long and 6” wide.

Exact pricing will vary depending on the pony, but a Fluttershy stocking pony is $300 plus shipping. If you’d like a handmade cutie mark-embroidered stocking (usable, no pony), I will make those for $40 each.

For commission inquires or any other questions, contact me at any of the places below!

Twitter –

Discord – Peruserofpieces#0542

DeviantArt –

Thank you all for looking, and Merry Christmas! I hope you enjoy these girls as much as I do.


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Friendship, Art, and Magic (2020) -
Artist -

Fluttershy's Husband
Hnnngh!!! Awww, da wittle Flutters in a stocking is so CUUUUUUUUUTE!!! I'm so gonna smother her with lotsa huggies and kissies for looking so CUTE and precious