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November 8, 2020 request art from ScorpDK, colored by King-Kakapo November ‎10-22, 2020.
Squeal of sorts to: >>1581995
suggestive150196 artist:king-kakapo1204 artist:scorpdk684 twilight sparkle308412 human160539 beautisexy961 bedroom eyes62187 breasts292909 business suit372 busty twilight sparkle12620 cleavage36033 clothes482578 collaboration5526 couch8847 female1418326 flashing1378 folder161 humanized102626 looking at you178505 lying down20600 painting3828 panties51946 pantyhose3520 plant2220 sexy31171 skirt41680 skirt suit152 smiling266659 smiling at you5688 solo1108314 solo female185324 spread legs20207 spreading20145 stupid sexy twilight1048 suit6274 twilight darkle88 underwear63109 upskirt6096 white underwear3598


not provided yet


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Matthew, or Matt
Twilight: Oh, Bryan…  
Bryan: Yeah?  
Twilight: What say you and I stay in this evening?  
Bryan: MMMM, sounds very nice. I’ll Tell K.I.M. we won’t be returning tonight.
Background Pony #5FED
“I understand your hesitant about our proposed business merger Mr.Rich…Perhaps we can relive those hesitations with some private intimate negotiations?”
Background Pony #4A9A
Dam fine work!  
Now I want to see Twilight dressed like the Baroness from COBRA.