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Story — Which Sugar Belle is Which?

Narrator: "It was a sunny day in Ponyville. The Cutie Mark Crusaders are inside of their clubhouse, with Sugar Belle coming along. They tried to make her participate in a baking contest, but…"

Scootaloo: "Sugar Belle’s coming!"

Apple Bloom: "Ooh, I can’t wait to tell her about allowing her in baking contest! There’s gonna over one thousand desserts and everypony’s gonna participate in it!"

Sweetie Belle: "What?! one thousand?! There’s no way that can be right! Could it?!"

Scootaloo: "Actually, this is true. Big Macintosh and Mrs. Cake are competing, too."

Apple Bloom: "I’ve already told him about it, and he’s definitely gonna be the champion of this year’s baking contest."

(door knocks)

Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle: "Hello, Sugar Belle!"

Sugar Belle: "Well, nice to meet all of you. So, why did you call me here?"

Apple Bloom: "We wanted you to participate in the baking contest starting this afternoon. husband and Mrs. Cake are joining the competition, too, and we thought you would come in as well."

Sweetie Belle: "Yeah, and during the competition, there will be ten ponies. And one pony each must create one hundred desserts within twenty four hours."

Sugar Belle: "Wait, one hundred desserts? But I don’t think I can make that much desserts before twenty fours… That’s like so much, I would get exhausted."

Sweetie Belle: "Come on, please? So far, only nine has joined in. Can you please the last one to join so that none of us have to participate in that contest?"

Sugar Belle: "Oh, I wish I could, but I can’t. Sorry, but this has been decided."

(door slamming)

Apple Bloom: "Well, that’s just not fair. She refuses to take part in the competition?! Unbelievable!"

Scootaloo: "Don’t worry, Apple Bloom. You still have us with you, and we still have time for one more pony to join the contest. So, who’s gonna go?"

Apple Bloom: "Actually, I’ll go."

Sweetie Belle: "You’re going?"

Apple Bloom: "Of course. My entire family are very good at baking desserts, so it wouldn’t really matter anyway. Besides, Big Mac is definitely more than happy to see me at the competition."

Sweetie Belle: "If you insist. Have fun."

Narrator: "Meanwhile, Sugar Belle was walking all alone through Ponyville. Later, she was eventually heading to the Mirror Pool, something that’s about to change her."

Sugar Belle: "Hmm, so this is the Mirror Pool? No one ever told me about this place before, so I guess I should enter this place. Let me think… should I make another me? Or not? Well, guess there’s only one way to find out."

Sugar Belle 2: "Huh? Who are you?"

Sugar Belle: "Don’t you get it? I am you, you are me. We’re both the same."

Sugar Belle 2: "I can’t believe there’s two of us. Wanna make cupcakes when we get back?"

Sugar Belle: "Sure! I’m sure that all of the ponies would be so proud to see two Sugar Belles!"

Apple Bloom: "Big Mac! I’m here!"

Big Macintosh: "What took you so long? I was looking for you this entire time."

Apple Bloom: "Sugar Belle didn’t wanna compete, so I’m taking her place instead. You have a sister that cares about you, too."

Big Macintosh: "I was hoping she would be seeing me. Too bad that we cannot look for her at the moment. The contest is about to begin."

Announcer: "Fillies and gentlecolts! Welcome to the Baking contest! In this contest, you must create one hundred desserts within 24 hours. The first pony to create one hundred desserts will win a prize! Good luck!"

Apple Bloom: "You hear that, Big Mac? We gotta get moving."

Big Macintosh: "Let’s show them how hard we’ve been working!"

Narrator: "Nine hours have passed… Apple Bloom and Big Mac have been working on the desserts they’ve been doing for hours. They have completed eighty seven desserts so far, and they were about to continue even further until an expected surprise was waiting for them."

Apple Bloom: "How many desserts have we made so far, Big Mac?"

Big Macintosh: "Right now, we have eighty seven, and there’s only thirteen that must be finished before tomorrow."

Apple Bloom: "I can’t believe we have to do this all night."

(door opens)

Sugar Belle and Sugar Belle 2: "Hey there!"

Apple Bloom: "What in tarnation?!"

Big Macintosh: "There’s two of them?! Eeyup!"

Apple Bloom: "Sugar Belle, what in the hay’s going on here? How’d this duplicate story even started anyway?"

Sugar Belle: "Well, you see, I’ve went to this place called the Mirror Pool. It can allow the pony to go right through the pool, and makes duplicates every time he or she does it."

Apple Bloom: "The Mirror Pool? Great, we already had a problem like this before, and now, it’s happening with Sugar Belle! What’s going on here?!"

Big Macintosh: "Relax, two ponies of the same one can’t be that bad. (to Sugar Belle) Are you gonna help us create the remaining thirteen desserts?"

Sugar Belle: "Of course, darling. It would be a pleasure."

Big Macintosh: "Apple Bloom, you might wanna watch the other Sugar Belle."

Apple Bloom: "You got it!"

Narrator: "The next morning, Apple Bloom, Big Mac, and the two Sugar Belles started to get ready for the contest, which would end in almost an hour. They are hoping that they become the winners of that contest."

Big Macintosh: "Finally, we have all one hundred desserts made. Come on, let’s get going!"

Announcer: "Welcome back, everypony!” Have you all made one hundred desserts from yesterday until now? I hope so. Now then, let’s start with Big Macintosh and Apple Bloom. What do we have here?"

Big Macintosh: "We have Twenty cupcakes, forty-three apple pies, nineteen blueberry pies, and fifteen lemon meringue pies."

Announcer: "Splendid! All right, next!"

Mr and Mrs. Cake: "We have five cakes, seventy cupcakes, thirteen strawberry pies, and twelve apple pies."

Announcer: "While I do love the desserts you’ve chosen as mentioned in the rules, you should improve for next year’s contest. Only five cakes won’t be enough to satisfy."

Mrs. Cake: "Y-Yes, sir."

Announcer: "Next."

Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich: "We have thirty three cupcakes, thirty lemon meringues pies, and thirty five strawberry pies."

Announcer: "Wow! That’s… AMAZING!"

Pinkie Pie: "I can’t believe the announcer was impressed with the improvement me and Cheese Sandwich have done! Wahoo!"

Announcer: "Next."

Unnamed Baker Pony Mare #1: "I have twelve cakes, twelve apple pies, and twenty four pies."

Announcer: "Hmm, I sorry to say this, but you are disqualified from this contest. You have made only forty eight out of one hundred desserts. You didn’t meet the standards. Alright, next."

Unnamed Baker Pony Mare #2 and Stallion #1: "We have made seven blueberry pies and six strawberry pies."

Announcer: "Thirteen desserts won’t satisfy me. I’m gonna have to disqualify the both of you as well."

Unnamed Baker Pony Mare #2: "Sorry, we were having challenges."

Announcer: "Last pony can step right on up."

Unnamed Baker Pony Stallion #2: "I have twenty two apple pies, twenty six blueberry pies, and twenty seven strawberry pies."

Announcer: "While you have somewhat improved, I’m still disappointed that you didn’t make it. You are disqualified."

Unnamed Baker Pony Stallion #2: "Yes, sir. My apologies."

Announcer: "The winner of this year’s contest… Apple Bloom and Big Macintosh! Congratulations!"

(ponies cheering)

Apple Bloom: "We’ve won?"

Big Macintosh: "Eeyup!"

Sugar Belle: "They’ve won. I’m so proud of them!"

(ponies continue cheering)

Pinkie Pie: "Come on! We improved more than they did! Well, at least I’m still happy to say they’ve won."

Narrator: "Thanks to the two Sugar Belles, Apple Bloom and Big Macintosh have successfully became the winners of the contest. Afterwards, they head over to Twilight Sparkle, and talk about the Sugar Belle clone, which disappeared afterwards. If it wasn’t Sugar Belle, Big Mac would have been the only pony to work alone. As they say, you gotta have more than one partner in the competition."
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