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Meet Cozy Comet :3

He is the son of the stallions Silver Script and Star Bright :3

He has a fascination with space, the stars, and science-fiction. He has his own study, which he uses to look at the constellations at night. He spends very late nights watching the stars and sci-fi movies, so his sleep schedule is a mess lol

So he's very grumpy and grouchy when he wakes up, and he's not really a morning pony (well, if you classify waking up at 2:30PM as "morning" XD)
Despite this, he is still a nerdy pony who is good natured when he finally gets some caffine in him.

Also believes that there is life in the stars, and things that there are aliens among us.
safe1656597 artist:acuteexposure7 oc653909 oc only432259 oc:cozy comet1 pony920918 unicorn303010 icey-verse629 clothes441661 ear piercing24525 earring19887 glasses59167 grumpy2469 heterochromia5077 jewelry58707 magical gay spawn989 male356539 offspring36860 parent:silver script67 parent:star bright10 parents:starscript7 piercing38799 planet1146 simple background376931 solo1031938 stallion102506 sweater14042 transparent background195082 unamused15400


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