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safe1614747 artist:aleximusprime1396 princess flurry heart6635 rainbow dash223965 spike75720 oc626520 oc:lightning flash116 oc:misty blitz5 oc:storm streak21 alicorn205870 dragon50850 pegasus256972 pony882373 flurry heart's story109 baby9888 bow25790 butt41366 calming of the storm1 children102 colt13733 fat spike372 female1285391 foal15097 kids82 male343539 momma dash21 mother2223 offspring35342 parent:oc:thunderhead15 parent:rainbow dash5127 parents:canon x oc1618 plot73043 simple background360826 transparent background186935 vector72611 winged spike7832


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4 comments posted
Background Pony #A5C9
Spike’s so big, looks like he’s about to eat those ponies.

On the other hand, What happened to rd’s hair? She went from tomboy to boring soccer mom.