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this has been sitting finished on my computer for a good while, so here ya go  
the mlp mane 6 (by memory!)
safe1786696 artist:hotlineori2 applejack175823 fluttershy220516 pinkie pie223137 rainbow dash241829 rarity188448 twilight sparkle310492 alicorn239288 earth pony281305 pegasus323573 pony1094231 unicorn357598 apple17139 bust54967 chest fluff43344 cowboy hat18043 cute210227 ear piercing29235 eating10188 element of generosity974 female1435139 food75185 hat93436 mane six32991 mare519458 open mouth161804 piercing44826 portrait32717 smiling273090 twilight sparkle (alicorn)128044 unshorn fetlocks28921


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