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Shaded version of this Enjoy!
suggestive150199 alternate version51579 artist:tomtornados521 fluttershy219029 equestria girls209785 ass51624 bedroom eyes62190 bottomless14147 breasts292938 busty fluttershy18144 butt81600 clothes482598 dialogue69011 eyeshadow17025 female1418380 flutterbutt5471 gradient background13719 lidded eyes32287 looking at you178524 looking back61104 looking back at you16415 looking over shoulder3966 makeup23413 mooning345 no panties2360 nudity387060 partial nudity21667 sexy31173 shading2037 skirt41680 solo1108364 solo female185333 stupid sexy fluttershy1129 upskirt6096


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Background Pony #A0B9
Seriously buddy? What the hell is wrong with you?! You know how out of character that is for Fluttershy? She’s too shy to show her arse to us!
Just kidding! I absolutely love this picture! Very funny and I’m honestly pretty sure that Rainbow Dash filmed her doing this while they had some of Applejack’s special 🍎🍏🍺 apple cider! 😂😉
Background Pony #9289
I’m sure JaxBlade would be all over your butt if he were here, Fluttershy ;)