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Originally posted on: April 29, 2018, 5:35 AM UTC
Picnic (AT)
So, this is an art trade with the amazingly talented The-Star-Hunter She asked me to draw her persona as a pony, and hanging with Rainbow Dash.❀️ She said I could make it friendly or shippy…. Guess what my choice was.πŸ˜†

I hope you like this dear!❀️;u;

Anyways, I hope you guys like this and tell me what you think!❀️⭐

Art is by me

Character on the left belongs to The-Star-Hunter

Rainbow Dash belongs to Hasbro.
safe1617608 artist:artmama113197 rainbow dash224246 oc628511 pegasus257991 pony885265 unicorn286021 basket2785 blushing182909 canon x oc22924 duo52971 eyes closed84264 female1287663 flying35635 heart44682 horn52407 jewelry55430 mare440174 outdoors8568 picnic basket478 picnic blanket848 ring2594 tail22423 tail ring349 tree29265 unicorn oc5419


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