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safe1614029 artist:yakovlev-vad460 princess luna95439 alicorn205718 earth pony215411 pony881600 ...2170 :t3626 angry24965 armor22309 back scratching60 blushing182306 bonk95 brush1754 brushie577 brushing403 caught3080 chest fluff34261 colored18260 cute185999 ear fluff25266 emanata30 embarrassed10532 eye contact6227 eyes closed83956 female1284772 filly61542 floppy ears47767 glare8052 grin34556 heart44562 hitting188 leg fluff2701 levitation11131 lidded eyes28185 lip bite10791 looking at each other17734 lunabetes3286 madorable607 magic68336 male343271 mare438894 mouth hold15969 onomatopoeia3578 royal guard7151 royal guard armor740 s1 luna7030 scratching483 scroll3208 simple background360524 sitting57420 smack127 smiling224213 spread wings49583 stallion97646 telekinesis25603 text53485 white background90168 wide eyes16343 wings87344 woona4971 younger15954


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