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safe1769660 artist:yakovlev-vad515 princess luna101379 alicorn236093 earth pony274380 pony1029636 ...2418 abuse8030 angry28438 armor24689 back scratching64 blushing207336 bonk138 brush2004 brushie603 brushing460 caught3507 chest fluff42163 colored20020 cute207990 duo66248 ear fluff32253 emanata215 embarrassed11862 eye contact6686 eyes closed99961 female1418378 floppy ears55483 frown23908 galea11 glare8334 glowing horn20940 grin41920 heart50756 helmet11405 hitting205 horn80731 leg fluff3269 levitation12767 lidded eyes32287 lip bite12188 looking at each other21869 lunabetes3656 madorable735 magic76361 magic aura4790 male394020 mare510928 mouth hold18351 onomatopoeia4731 open mouth158146 royal guard8202 royal guard armor966 s1 luna7455 scratching516 scroll3500 simple background415559 sitting66549 smack144 smiling266688 spread wings58162 spy1263 stallion118589 sweat28110 sweatdrop3485 telekinesis29172 text63239 wall of tags3762 white background104342 wide eyes17538 wings126773


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Friendship, Art, and Magic (2020) - Took part in the 2020 Community Collab

Removed a lot of inaccurate or subjective tags.
Crow, one was one that you added, onomatopoeia. Looking at this tag’s results, and the definition of the word, I have no clue how this applies or how it might be useful for tag searches. There seems to be no common traits. If you could explain I’d appreciate it.
Edit: A friend was able to explain it to me so I understood, Short description it’s the words/dialogue in the image that are actions. So the SkRATCH dialogue. Sorry for the lack of understanding on that tag.
Background Pony #F09D
removed the abuse tag, as while technically accurate to the definition of abuse, this is more of a comedic depiction (Like how having the Coyote get hit by cars or anvils while chasing the roadrunner in the Road Runner cartoon isn’t considered abusive).