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Requests from yesterday

Cheerilee in a sweater, made it Christmas themed, with a big apple gift for being such a good teacher

And Fluttershy with a reasonable amount of cats lol
safe1638159 artist:graphene307 fluttershy205536 cat5866 pegasus265541 pony903856 :p8022 cute189476 eyes closed86113 female1304087 hoof licking479 hoof tickling728 laughing7518 licking19099 lying down13217 mare449173 on back23261 open mouth133237 shyabetes12749 sleeping22522 tickling4444 tongue out97193


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Wallet After Summer Sale -
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

My kitten has passed tragically today. He was a tabby, and about 2,5 months old when my mother found him wandering our backyard; we took him in and showered him with love every day since then. We had him for less than three months. Farewell, Kacperek (Casper), you will be missed.

I thought the cat was scissoring her from afar
So I finally clicked the image to see it's just wholesome shy playing with kitties. My day has been improved and my joy has been doubled.