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Follow-up to this and based on this :P
questionable110297 artist:badumsquish1933 derpibooru exclusive27937 applejack168300 big macintosh28039 trixie66790 earth pony241686 pony949362 unicorn315305 magic duel2096 :o3679 aftersex9284 aftersex cuddles9 big jackintosh32 blushing194402 cigarette3726 cuddling8271 dialogue64378 disguise4657 duo59487 eyes closed91303 female1345766 hammock437 hoof around neck171 male366347 mare471706 messy2178 messy mane7656 open mouth142000 paint1896 paint on fur427 shipping197716 shocked6815 show accurate14339 smoking4092 splatter80 stallion106296 straight134472 trixie's wagon1093 trixmac77 unshorn fetlocks24822 wide eyes16894


not provided yet


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How Big Mac's wife and Trixie's husband reacted to this:

Sugar Belle : "You had sex with Trixie whilst cosplaying as your sister? That's pretty weird… O_o"

Grapefruit Face : "Yo, dawg, that gives me an idea. Lemme grab my paints, I'm give you some variety tonight! <3"
Background Pony #04C5
This maybe a silly question, but why is trixie's horn got orange paint on it?
Background Pony #882E
From the thumbnail, I thought that was supposed to be peanut butter all over Big Mac and Trixie