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Poor Pip … Hey, I found her Velvet, she was beaten by raiders on the way
semi-grimdark28986 suggestive136747 artist:shadowreindeer223 oc652599 oc only431680 oc:calamity693 oc:littlepip4006 pegasus271650 pony918564 unicorn301854 fallout equestria16351 bandage5477 battle saddle320 blood23623 blood stains160 bondage32378 bruised1535 butt50053 clothes440977 crying42018 dashite470 dialogue62784 dock47344 fanfic10312 fanfic art13871 featureless crotch6649 female1317732 female focus6129 gun15494 help me137 hooves17333 male355813 mare456340 open mouth136291 pipbutt158 plot75691 rifle3626 rope11044 rope bondage3747 snow13496 solo focus16209 stallion102210 tree30824 underhoof49696 vulgar20107 weapon29368


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Background Pony #250D
It might be possible to surprise that guard from behind.

ponies are four legged meaning it will take them longer to turn 180 then a human,

also the gun is around his chest, meaning he will have to turn his body if he wants to hit a moving target

but you will have to be fast on your feet

If you can put your elbow under his chin and get him in a headlock then pull back/up it will throw out his aim and he couldn't turn to face you if you are to his flank because he wouldn't have enouth room to turn

I dunno
Background Pony #9A95
okay but, is there a version that… ya know has a little something extra? XD