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safe1613792 artist:jargon scott2196 princess celestia91106 twilight sparkle288044 alicorn205668 kaiju1424 pony881399 unicorn284482 black and white12138 female1284535 giant robot77 grayscale35844 hoof hold7624 mare438788 microphone4649 monochrome144659 squatpony274 twiggie341 unicorn twilight14313


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

That "Boop Edit" guy
Dash! Dash! Dash!

The burning sun,
gleaming on my shoulders

Here we go, start,
the machine comes alive

I am machinery,
I am a metal being! (Hey)

Jump out onto the sky,
steel spirit

(Let's go!)


And with all my might,

Power to the highest limit,
Super Punch!

I am the best,
yes, Impact
Brass Beau

Howdy from Shimmer Pope
Since someone beat me to the Big O reference, do I go with Gigantor, Gurren Lagann or Frankenstien Jr.?
"Hers is the horn that will pierce the heavens!"
Background Pony #1BA0
You just realized this giant robot is piloted by Twilight Sparkle, who controls it with a wristwatch. The code to start it up is "Big Twig! Showtime!" She refuses to shave her eyebrows to look like Roger Smith, though.
Background Pony #1BA0
I can't decide between "Yes, but once the monster is defeated, how do you get Big Twig back in the pen?" "You don't, Big Twig puts YOU back in the pen," and "Now you have two problems."

They can't unhug you.
Big Twig is still only about 3 feet tall, but that's 3 times more dangerous than the regular-sized one.
Background Pony #DD78
Red Twi: All systems go!
Yellow Twi: Let's do this!
Blue Twi: For Equestria!
Green Twi: Eat pony, monster!
Black Twi: [jive talk]