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#SaveEquestriaGirls and here's a special montage for this longest series since 2013 for 7 years! If you're not doubt with that I got 5 words: the show must go on! #Montage #MLPEG #EGSeason3 #EquestriaGirls #Letupita725HD #Hasbro https://t.co/WgINwiDMi9
safe1750048 artist:alexky201615 artist:jericollage7021 edit135855 edited edit2617 edited screencap67193 screencap227235 adagio dazzle13257 angel bunny10013 apple bloom50950 applejack173239 aria blaze10022 big macintosh28829 bulk biceps3485 cranky doodle donkey1032 derpy hooves50771 diamond tiara10400 dj pon-329687 flam2183 flash sentry13159 flim2271 fluttershy217208 granny smith5437 gummy5135 indigo zap2523 juniper montage1386 kiwi lollipop438 lemon zest3226 lily pad (equestria girls)212 maud pie12735 max steele91 opalescence2123 photo finish2677 pinkie pie220121 princess celestia96748 principal celestia3606 puffed pastry82 rainbow dash238523 rarity185557 ray137 sci-twi25213 scootaloo51915 silver spoon6645 sonata dusk13821 sour sweet3391 spike80497 spike the regular dog2586 starlight glimmer49779 sugarcoat3390 sunset shimmer64765 supernova zap421 sweetie belle49722 tank2780 timber spruce1937 toe-tapper248 torch song239 trixie68725 twilight sparkle306063 vignette valencia747 vinyl scratch29688 wallflower blush2231 winona2546 zephyr breeze2436 alicorn232826 alligator1146 bird8771 cat6517 dog9856 earth pony265760 firefly (insect)917 insect1949 pegasus308991 pony1010098 rabbit5589 raccoon581 sheep1596 tortoise703 unicorn342132 a fine line299 a little birdie told me234 a photo booth story150 a queen of clubs228 all the world's off stage222 aww... baby turtles259 best trends forever483 blizzard or bust236 blue crushed288 coinky-dink world512 constructive criticism197 dance magic1625 dashing through the mall503 display of affection175 driving miss shimmer198 epic fails (equestria girls)199 eqg summertime shorts3186 equestria girls206944 equestria girls (movie)7580 equestria girls series34761 five to nine176 fluttershy's butterflies262 forgotten friendship5660 friendship games12827 friendship math229 get the show on the road184 good vibes326 happily ever after party215 holidays unwrapped2266 leaping off the page81 legend of everfree8112 lost and found276 mad twience200 make up shake up119 mirror magic2560 monday blues330 movie magic1064 my little shop of horrors159 o come all ye squashful285 opening night275 outtakes (episode)49 overpowered (equestria girls)327 pet project266 pinkie pie: snack psychic142 pinkie sitting166 rainbow rocks18536 raise this roof196 rarity investigates: the case of the bedazzled boot336 road trippin89 rollercoaster of friendship2610 saving pinkie's pie270 school of rock143 shake things up!117 so much more to me181 spring breakdown2777 star crossed231 steps of pep138 stressed in show386 stressed in show: fluttershy180 stressed in show: pinkie pie55 stressed in show: rainbow dash74 subs rock163 sunset's backstage pass!2541 super squad goals269 text support226 text support: rarity41 the art of friendship152 the canterlot movie club147 the cider louse fools197 the finals countdown168 the last day of school96 the other side515 the salty sails100 too hot to handle176 turf war292 unsolved selfie mysteries337 winter break-in149 x marks the spot232 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)14926 spoiler:eqg specials5464 :i1612 ^^436 all good (song)102 all the world's off stage: micro chips76 all the world's off stage: pinkie pie33 all the world's off stage: twilight sparkle25 alternative cutie mark placement1801 angry28059 animal4659 applejack audience22 applejack's hat8395 armpits43384 arms in the air504 awesome cutie mark56 beach15915 best trends forever: pinkie pie94 best trends forever: rainbow dash111 best trends forever: twilight sparkle142 bicycle379 black and white13468 blonde hair587 blushing204569 boots22926 bowtie10625 bracelet10007 broom1762 canterlot high2852 caramel apple (food)134 cellphone3912 chair7106 churros90 classroom1682 clothes475819 collage1450 confetti2019 constructive criticism: photo finish25 constructive criticism: pinkie pie30 constructive criticism: rainbow dash60 converse5849 cowboy boots1597 cowboy hat17138 crossed arms5343 crying44802 cute205643 cutie mark49696 cutie mark crusaders19321 cutie mark on clothes3204 dance magic (song)83 dashabetes9639 daydream shimmer917 denim skirt1634 diapinkes10269 diatrixes3215 driving miss shimmer: applejack27 driving miss shimmer: fluttershy70 driving miss shimmer: rarity60 drums1089 emoji926 eyes closed98012 facial cutie mark189 faic12534 fall formal outfits1571 flashback1060 flim flam brothers1269 flower26700 flowerbetes195 fluttershy's butterflies: applejack94 fluttershy's butterflies: dj pon-320 fluttershy's butterflies: rainbow dash82 fluttershy's car26 food72957 football1636 forest10552 geode of empathy3257 geode of fauna2039 geode of shielding2398 geode of sugar bombs2195 geode of super speed2676 geode of super strength2365 geode of telekinesis3099 glasses64554 gloves20950 goggles14436 grayscale39234 green face172 green hair496 grin40895 guitar5144 hairpin2104 hallway966 hammer1768 hand on hip7499 hands behind back1568 happily ever after party: applejack49 happily ever after party: rainbow dash68 happily ever after party: rarity59 hard hat707 hat90305 headband3552 headphones8088 high five221 high heels11770 holding hands2795 hologram328 hoodie14934 hug29129 humane five3607 humane seven2676 humane six3419 inflatable dress130 invisible (song)24 jackabetes6247 jacket13144 jackletree93 jewelry68172 jumping3473 k-lo340 laughing8292 leather1284 leather jacket3485 lockers1802 looking at you175608 looking back60051 looking down9311 magic mirror538 magical geodes9693 memory stone156 meta16735 midnight sparkle2567 midriff19838 monochrome152317 multeity2286 multicolored hair5944 museum157 music festival outfit792 musical instrument11799 necklace20365 nose in the air1364 one eye closed32489 op can't let go91 open mouth154209 opening night: applejack24 opening night: sunset shimmer67 opening night: twilight sparkle42 pajamas3381 phone6711 photo booth61 photo booth (song)54 pink hair1311 pinkie being pinkie1320 ponied up5302 ponytail18754 postcrush280 poster5483 purple hair824 rain6253 rainbow dash is best facemaker664 rainbow hair2538 raribetes5624 rarity investigates (eqg): applejack73 rarity investigates (eqg): pinkie pie51 rarity investigates (eqg): trixie120 rarity peplum dress1174 rarity's glasses596 rear view12782 red hair970 rise up5 room to grow19 sandals4473 save equestria girls30 seasickness69 selfie3270 shimmerbetes4475 shoes38724 shyabetes14499 skirt41073 smartphone2185 smiling260798 smiling at you5186 smirk13008 smug6258 smugset shimmer173 snow14130 spikabetes2086 steering wheel160 storm826 storm king's emblem152 su-z347 sunglasses15037 surfing376 sushi528 swimsuit29611 tanktop8066 text support: fluttershy44 text support: sunset shimmer84 the dazzlings4466 the ponytones47 thumbs up1046 time twirler40 to be or not to be16 transformation11320 transformation sequence1081 tree33509 true original (song)19 twiabetes12263 twilight ball dress201 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126180 twitter3250 twitter link84 uvula2242 wall of tags3650 we've come so far9 welcome to the show204 white room8 wide eyes17390 window8914 wings123032 wink25646 winking at you1090 yacht154 yearbook111 yellow hair318


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