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Veen waving her national flag of Valoria/the Sundown Clan

The Sundown flag sets a scene; The flag representing the sun setting over the horizon as it creates an orange sky, with the distant earth in front of it, casting it's own shadow upon itself. And there sits a single bright star on the earth, representing both Sundown civilization, and the first Sundown to walk the lands when they were created by the sun itself.
safe1657283 artist:nsilverdraws263 artist:veen7 oc654408 oc only432487 oc:veen sundown114 horse3123 pegasus272818 pony921624 armor23002 clothes441940 cloud29374 coast84 dress42847 female1320539 flag3706 fur441 grass9066 grass field637 mare457705 paint1849 solo1032434 standing11512 sundown clan143 war paint62 water12516


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