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Oh good, glad that's sorted out and she's just a totally normal pony. Right? :D
safe1618441 artist:badumsquish1851 derpibooru exclusive25877 princess celestia91295 princess luna95622 oc629011 oc only419282 oc:aubrey2 alicorn206685 earth pony216890 pony885914 series:equestria and the world14 couch7431 crossed hooves1769 dialogue61113 dreamworks face809 equestrian flag251 female1288284 happy28889 id card63 looking at you153082 magic68572 magic aura3350 magic glow178 mare440475 moon22158 open mouth130276 photo76547 proud402 seems legit758 show accurate11799 sitting57657 smiling225122 sun6137 talking to viewer2294 telekinesis25690


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OC/RP Phreak
Since she's from the technologically advanced Eventide, she likely has a device on/in her that mimics various forms of magic so, for Eventide, she's normal.
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i'm ugly and im proud:,)
What if… This is Badumsquish in pony form? I know it's a stretch, but I'll expect anything at this point.
Background Pony #CE32
1st. How are you levitating that without a horn?

2nd. Why does your magic aura not match your eye color.
Background Pony #E8A7
Anyone else notice that her card expired the same day as her residency began?
Background Pony #C6B8
"Don't worry, I'm a normal Pony!" Yet she's using magic.

And then the very next thing I know, I'll literally get torn limb from limb by this "normal Pony".
Background Pony #A542
Honestly I'm only suspicious of her because of her name, and that suspicion is only increased by knowing what name you originally intended for her.