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This time a "not-so-tiny" Tia ;-)

And take it easy, Luna! You are being a bit too prude.
safe1613814 artist:banebuster105 princess celestia91107 princess luna95428 alicorn205675 pony881420 semi-anthro11079 series:tiny tia50 bipedal31650 blushing182262 bra14675 chest fluff34256 clothes425221 crying40974 dialogue60889 embarrassed10531 eyes closed83941 female1284550 floppy ears47756 hoof hold7624 implied breasts16 implied nudity408 lewd844 mare438791 open mouth129620 royal sisters4054 simple background360430 sisters7803 speech bubble21163 spread wings49572 underwear56987 wat18626 wavy mouth3338 we don't normally wear clothes823 white background90161 wings87287


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