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This time a “not-so-tiny” Tia ;-)
And take it easy, Luna! You are being a bit too prude.
safe1765570 artist:banebuster175 princess celestia97153 princess luna101231 alicorn235372 pony1025524 semi-anthro13702 series:tiny tia114 bipedal36687 blushing206709 bra16649 chest fluff41937 clothes480976 crying45224 dialogue68767 embarrassed11827 eyes closed99565 female1414930 floppy ears55277 hoof hold8773 implied breasts17 implied nudity444 lewd781 mare508999 open mouth157302 royal sisters4654 simple background414015 sisters9522 speech bubble24746 spread wings57932 underwear62964 wat19571 wavy mouth3916 we don't normally wear clothes927 white background103845 wings125949


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