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Originally posted on: November 14, 2019, 5:27 AM UTC
NG: Draco
_Moonlight Draco Redstone
Parents: Princess Luna, Princess Ember.
Species: Dragon.
Gender: Female.
Special talent: Has the same ability as her mother to raise the Moon, can create different crystals.
Occupation: Princess, adventurer.
Nickname/s: Moony (by Luna), Princess Moonlight (by ponies), Princess Draco (by dragons).
Birth/residence: Born and currently lives in Canterlot._
safe1678615 artist:silentwolf-oficial412 oc667169 oc only439122 oc:moonlight250 dracony6471 dragon54603 hybrid18000 pony941140 ethereal mane7609 female1338073 interspecies offspring7095 magical lesbian spawn11668 offspring37931 parent:princess ember338 parent:princess luna2222 parents:emberluna6 reference sheet12174 simple background384300 solo1045073 starry mane3950 white background95344


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