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Door edit as requested in original edit —
Size is different cause the software was being a butt.
Credit to Evehly for Fluttershy art
safe1657636 artist:evehly839 edit127744 editor:band sickle9 fluttershy207434 bat pony47253 pony921980 bat ponified2503 cute192408 door3843 doorknob84 ear fluff27086 ear tufts456 emanata52 female1320859 flutterbat6741 head tilt1039 high res24719 looking at you159953 mare457862 modern art1457 peeking656 race swap13811 shy3946 shyabates305 shyabetes13065 simple background377265 slit eyes4351 slit pupils676 solo1032664 wallpaper18349 wallpaper edit3052 white background93506 wrong eye color926


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