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I wanted to make an adorable yet sleek-looking Fluttershy wallpaper for my laptop.

A semi-minimalistic wallpaper I made as a backdrop behind peeking Fluttershy by Evehly who I cam a big fan of. I hope she doesn't mind and I hope you all like it.
safe1656701 artist:evehly839 edit127642 editor:band sickle9 fluttershy207357 bat pony47202 pony921022 bat ponified2503 cute192293 ear fluff27025 ear tufts453 emanata50 female1319914 flutterbat6741 head tilt1039 high res24676 looking at you159806 mare457430 minimalist1867 modern art1456 no mouth495 peeking655 race swap13800 shy3940 shyabates305 shyabetes13044 simple background376976 slit eyes4349 slit pupils676 solo1032009 that pony sure is shy3 wallpaper18341 wallpaper edit3048 white background93446 wrong eye color926


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