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safe1617609 artist:heavysplatter29 cosmos (character)473 cozy glow6734 grogar1321 king sombra13160 lord tirek5141 queen chrysalis33402 storm king1132 centaur3070 changeling43041 draconequus9911 pony885269 sheep1397 unicorn286023 yeti281 my little pony: the movie18293 antagonist1446 armor22359 beard3332 biceps1004 bow25895 collar30287 cozybetes1169 crown15175 curved horn6162 cute186598 cutealis2106 evil cuteness6 eyebrows2598 eyes closed84264 facial hair5284 fangs22891 female1287664 filly61735 freckles26271 group hug820 horn52407 horns5169 hug26230 jewelry55430 leaves1802 male344498 muscles10752 nose piercing2511 nose ring2026 piercing37057 ram648 regalia17736 shackles1686 signature20836 smiling224949 sombradorable341 stallion98051 stormabetes31 tirebetes228 wind1116


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13 comments posted
Background Pony #8896
They're smiling because they just destroyed all their enemies.

But in five minutes: "Okay. Now which of us gets to boss the rest of you losers around?"

And they're right back to fighting.
Artist -

Noodles > Everything
And after taking the pic, Cosmos tries to kill Tirek and Chrysalis for hurting Discord, meanwhile King Sombra praises for don't make her know about he defeating Discord but Grogar tells him Discord just faked his defeat like moral motivation. Now Sombra feels pathetic.
Artist -

A schizoid man
All seems well until Chrysalis snaps realizing all of them became infected with the friendship disease. They then plan to take over all of Equestria and temporarily succeed. Somehow they are defeated by a pony not named Twilight or Starlight.