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When Vinyl woke up, she was staring at Octavia's hair as it swept gracefully across the pillow. Noticing the soft sound of her breathing and the slight smile on the tips of her lips.
Quiet laughter from alcohol-inspired sleep.
safe1688667 artist:shadowreindeer241 dj pon-329065 octavia melody23614 sweetie belle48660 vinyl scratch29065 earth pony242059 pony950382 unicorn315760 one bad apple1380 bed40296 bedroom10135 blushing194575 chest fluff38122 clock1888 crepuscular rays2746 cute197226 eye clipping through hair5328 eyes closed91411 female1346676 hope poster272 lesbian95762 lying down16124 mare472274 morning949 morning ponies1431 on bed3308 onomatopoeia4088 poster5224 prone25197 scratchtavia2937 shipping197837 sitting62224 sleeping23215 smiling243297 sound effects2034 tavibetes654 vinylbetes661 window8362 zzz2402


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