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When Vinyl woke up, she was staring at Octavia’s hair as it swept gracefully across the pillow. Noticing the soft sound of her breathing and the slight smile on the tips of her lips.  
Quiet laughter from alcohol-inspired sleep.
safe1769495 artist:shadowreindeer288 dj pon-329825 octavia melody24348 sweetie belle50021 vinyl scratch29825 earth pony274289 pony1029497 unicorn350370 one bad apple1436 bed42884 bedroom11116 blushing207300 chest fluff42148 clock1992 crepuscular rays3208 cute207959 eye clipping through hair6725 eyes closed99933 female1418222 hope poster280 lesbian100079 lying down20585 mare510832 morning1012 morning ponies1474 on bed3939 onomatopoeia4728 poster5547 prone26667 scratchtavia3007 shipping207599 sitting66526 sleeping24151 smiling266607 sound effects2308 tavibetes685 vinylbetes701 window9093 zzz2536


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