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safe1687821 artist:jericollage7021 edit130324 edited screencap63903 screencap219871 apple bloom48959 applejack168309 cranky doodle donkey993 diamond tiara10150 dj pon-329059 flash sentry12717 fluttershy210713 granny smith5298 maud pie12365 microchips1357 photo finish2615 pinkie pie214419 princess celestia94201 rainbow dash231860 rarity180071 sci-twi23922 scootaloo50939 silver spoon6476 spike78234 spike the regular dog2488 sunset shimmer62212 sweetie belle48639 timber spruce1904 trixie66792 twilight sparkle298126 vinyl scratch29059 bird8078 cat6172 dog9370 raccoon542 squirrel1016 all the world's off stage215 best trends forever409 constructive criticism165 driving miss shimmer188 equestria girls197750 equestria girls series32443 fluttershy's butterflies194 happily ever after party185 opening night270 rarity investigates: the case of the bedazzled boot302 stressed in show283 stressed in show: fluttershy158 stressed in show: pinkie pie32 stressed in show: rainbow dash46 text support211 text support: rarity38 all the world's off stage: micro chips75 all the world's off stage: pinkie pie31 all the world's off stage: twilight sparkle25 applejack audience22 applejack's hat6964 armpits42716 arms in the air456 balloon10113 best trends forever: pinkie pie78 best trends forever: rainbow dash80 best trends forever: twilight sparkle128 black and white12705 boots21366 bowtie9951 cellphone3459 chair6676 choose your own ending (season 1)66 classroom1625 clothes452691 collage1347 confetti1889 constructive criticism: photo finish24 constructive criticism: pinkie pie29 constructive criticism: rainbow dash44 converse5583 cowboy boots1418 cowboy hat15383 crossed arms4957 cute197085 cutie mark46943 cutie mark crusaders18879 cutie mark on clothes2244 dashabetes9083 denim skirt1476 diapinkes9730 driving miss shimmer: applejack26 driving miss shimmer: fluttershy70 driving miss shimmer: rarity56 drum kit240 drums1037 drumsticks193 emoji871 eyes closed91335 fluttershy's butterflies: applejack63 fluttershy's butterflies: dj pon-314 fluttershy's butterflies: rainbow dash54 fluttershy's car26 forest10033 geode of empathy3038 geode of fauna1791 geode of shielding2171 geode of sugar bombs2006 geode of super speed2406 geode of super strength2117 geode of telekinesis2896 glasses60797 gloves19641 goggles13912 grayscale37631 hairpin1653 hammer1701 happily ever after party: applejack43 happily ever after party: rainbow dash49 happily ever after party: rarity54 hard hat685 hat85295 headband3391 hoodie13881 human paradox69 jackabetes5856 jacket12286 jackletree93 leather1090 leather jacket3201 limousine92 looking at each other19685 low quality562 lowres1113 magical geodes8703 meta16549 monochrome148463 multeity2203 musical instrument10327 needs more jpeg1476 nose in the air1246 open mouth142037 opening night: applejack24 opening night: sunset shimmer65 opening night: twilight sparkle41 phone6070 picture for breezies2836 pinkie being pinkie1242 ponytail17542 principal celestia3446 raribetes5305 rarity investigates (eqg): applejack68 rarity investigates (eqg): pinkie pie36 rarity investigates (eqg): trixie111 rarity peplum dress693 rarity's glasses576 shoes35550 shyabetes13510 skirt39162 smartphone1956 smiling243104 smirk12253 smug5883 smugset shimmer160 speech bubble22834 steering wheel150 tanktop7542 text support: fluttershy38 text support: sunset shimmer82 thumbs up973 to be or not to be16 twiabetes11601 twitter3199 uvula1992 wall of tags2951


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